The Sundowners recruit Paul Weller on latest single ‘A Thousand Doors’


Pulling Back The Night

Paul Weller joins hands with The Sundowners in their latest single ‘A Thousand Doors’ taken from the album ‘Pulling Back The Night’ due for release April 22nd.

The warm almost Celtic tones of this single shine through which suits the spring feelings that surround us right now. One of the two songs from the album is co-written by Paul Weller and Steve Pilgrim the other being ‘Night Watcher’. The Duo’s new album which is the first in five years also features collabrative writings and recordings from Clean Cut Kid.

Weller’s input is subtle throughout this single but yet distinctive when heard in the backing vocals, a perfect tune for those evenings when a fire is lit and the tempo turns right down. Fiona Skelly and Niamh Rowe dual vocals glide alongside the violins giving a sense of nostalgia, the depth of the lyrics also allow you to look within yourself with such lyrics as “Learning that darkness is a state of mind that can blind you or allow you to see the stars.

Written and recorded in both the North and the South, in locations based in the Wirral, Liverpool and Surrey, mixed by The Coral‘s James Skelly who also takes on a co-writing postion as well as performing on the track ‘Wild sisters’.

The album is huge in collabrative efforts with The Coral‘s Nick Power also sharing credits on ‘I’m Not The One’ alongside Steve Craddock on guitars. Paul Molloy is on five out of the ten tracks, not to mention original band members Jim Sharrock and Tim Cunningham play drums and bass on the second half of the record which was recorded and engineered by Cunningham at The Sundowners’ second home, The Coral Caves.

The collabrative nature of ‘Pulling Back The Night’ is sure to provide a vast amout of deep thinking lyrical content.

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