TOUTS release ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’


Shane MacGowan’s New Teeth

Bilious teen angst gets salty with age as a grown TOUTS stand up for a second round in 2022’s musical ring by releasing ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’.

opting for the fancy footwork of studied lyrics and wiry guitar hooks over hardcore pugilism. Continuing to illustrate their arc from angry, emergent punk boys to expressive, acerbic punk young men, the sparky Derry three-piece sing of self-doubt and resilience over two and a bit, head-rushing minutes.

The track’s captivating visuals, innovatively stringing together the band’s performance through three separate smartphone screens, was directed by Irish Film and Television Academy-nominated filmmaker, Seán Mullan, recipient of the 2022 Netflix Documentary Talent Fund.

January saw the band return, for the first time since 2018’s Analysis Paralysis EP to release the popular culture-baiting single, ‘Shane MacGowan’s New Teeth’, whilst announcing a new, four-track EP of the same name, set for a full digital and limited vinyl release – now confirmed for Wed 25 May 2022. The tone was set there and then for a band blinded by the low sun of early success, put on reflective pause by global events and given time to consolidate, regroup and go again.

For every ounce of reflective sensitivity there’s a pound of wit and discordant comment on the state of the nation across TOUTS’ new body of work. As before, front man and lyricist, Matthew Crossan jumps into the song head first in Belfast writing and recording sessions before working out what it all actually means as the dust settles.

Having deciphered TOUTS‘ second cut of new music, Crossan says:

‘Can’t Take It Anymore’ meditates on the act of trying to alleviate thoughts of restless frustration, claustrophobia and monotony. Thoughts that are ever present in life. Thoughts that can often be remedied by a sense of genuine purpose.

TOUTS are back having reflected on the “16/17-year-old frustration and all that sh*t” that became evident after the release of their 2017’s debut four-track EP Sickening and Deplorable. First in the hair-raising sonics of each scorched-earth track and then in quick-to-a-killer-quote interviews on everything from Brexit to Northern Ireland’s music scene, the band was left to consider where the runaway train was heading and whether they wanted to get off.

The band’s first shoulder charge into prominence gave them the experience of headline tours and support dates with respected peers including Blossoms, Inhaler, Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher creating a fevered fan base.

TOUTS are preparing for their live comeback in 2022 to coincide with the release of the forthcoming EP.

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