The Snuts share new track ‘Burn The Empire’


Burn The Empire

On the back of their debut album ‘W.L’. hitting number 1 in the Official Album Chart, The Snuts return with their latest single ‘Burn The Empire’.

Frontman Jack Cochrane had the following to say about the release,

I wanted the word ‘empire’ to feel open, almost rhetorical to what constitutes or qualifies as an oppressive factor in your life, because it certainly exists for 99% of people.

We were driven to standup against the negative effects of big corporations on the everyday person. We all understand that these companies act ruthlessly and unethically in the name of profit.

I think young people have always wanted a fairer and more equal society and it’s the voices of the old, the discontent and the ignorant that try and squash that. We believe in 2022 there is no place for fascism or oppression of any kind and we must burn the empire that represents it.

Back in April The Snuts came out on top of a David and Goliath chart battle with pop upper star Demo Lovato.

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