The Streets overcome adversities on new single ‘Each Day Gives’


The Darker Shadow, The Brighter The Light

The Streets have shared the latest teaser from their up and coming 6th album with ‘Each Day Gives’.

The album titled ‘The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light’ is set to be released on 20th October with an accompanying feature film.

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Mike Skinner said:

The way the album was written was very much with the film in mind. The songs weave around the scenes and the dialogue to give a bigger picture of what’s going on, sometimes really acting as the narrator,

“‘Each Day Gives’ comes as the main characters are facing a dilemma and working out what to do after their plans go awry. The song talks about overcoming little (and big) adversities and waking up each morning and treating it as a fresh start until the next dilemma kicks in!

The single is the third sample of the album following the releases of ‘Troubled Water’ and ‘Too Much Yayo’.

Skinner also spoke about the film:

I kind of did everything myself so it just didn’t stop, really,

The tunnel was very long, very dark, and there was no light… Apart from a train, maybe.

To coincide with release of the album and tour The Streets will also be hitting the road next month.

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