Tom Grennan releases soulful ‘Oh Please’

Oh Please

Soulful singer-songwriter Tom Grennan has released his second track from his unannounced second album, the euphoric ‘Oh Please’ is available now through Insanity records.

Wonder kid Tom Grennan has said that the track is inspired by the late Amy Winehouse, Kendrick Lamar, Nas and Curtis Mayfield.

When writing ‘Oh Please’ I was listening to a lot of Curtis MayfieldNas, Kendrick, and of course Amy Winehouse, and I wanted to channel this through the song.

The opening transports me back to visiting America, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time and seeing Manhattan.

It really hit me at that moment that anything was possible.

I felt euphoric and excited for the future, a chapter closed and a beautiful new beginning ahead.

It changed my mindset towards relationships, to focus my energy on learning from them rather than going into a darker, angry place.

“‘Oh Please’ is about learning from relationships. It’s about staying strong and making the right decisions with respect and grace.

‘Oh Please’ is the follow-up to Grennan’s comeback single ‘This Is The Place’ which was released in January.

Tom Grennan released his debut album ‘Lighting Matches’ in 2018 with the album peaking at #5 in the official UK Album Chart. The album went on to sell over 100,000 copies and accomplish silver certification.

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