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World I Understand

The Sherlocks return on 21st January with their third album titled ‘World I Understand’. Pre-Order here:

The third album can be a sticky wicket for some bands, with a lot of them usually going down the experimental route and alienating half of their fanbase. On the flipside, we will call it the Catfish Effect of building the fanbase then basically releasing the same album three times and again this also impacts the fanbase with fans wanting more. I’m happy to say that The Sherlocks have dodged both of these situations with ‘World I Understand’ by keeping true to themselves, their fans and just going bigger and louder. It’s still The Sherlocks but sounding much more refreshed and hungrier than ever.

It’s been a difficult couple of COVID years and the music industry has been battered the most. The Sherlocks have had to adapt through these times too, the band originally were two sets of brothers, lifelong friends but original members Andy and Josh Davidson left, leaving Keiran and Bran Crook to carry the torch. It could have been all over there but Alex Proctor and Trent Jackson joined the Bolton upon Dearne brothers and have not only reignited a flame but dowsed it petrol too, giving The Sherlocks a much bigger sound on ‘World I Understand’.

The Sherlocks have released five singles from the album, ‘Falling’ is the first full-length track on the album too, a punchy and blood pumping number, a good indication to what is to come with the LP. ‘City Lights’ is a pure U2-style anthem, this is a big, big tune and shows that on album three The Sherlocks are still aiming for those headline gigs in stadiums and arenas after sampling those gigs supporting others. Title track ‘World I Understand’ is the biggest sample to the album, it’s a great mixture of all the best parts of the LP. ‘Games You Play’, is the only slow moment during the album, it’s nice to have a slow, love song ain’t it?… Although it ain’t even that slow, think Arctic Monkeys covering Oasis and you won’t be far away, with a huge Noel Gallagher style chorus. Recently released ‘Sorry’ sees The Sherlocks at their most fun-sounding, almost treading into disco territory. Infectious tune that makes it impossible not to grin and shuffle your feet to, ‘Sorry’ during The Sherlocks incredible live shows will be bringing the party for sure. It would also be nice to hear some remixes of this at some point.

The heavier sound of The Sherlocks is the most interesting part of ‘World I Understand’, ‘On The Run’ is no bullshit, straight out the traps with naughty riffs and pounding drums, Keiran’s vocals soften the mood slightly but not in a bad way, it complements the sound and makes it more listenable rather than a singer who would growl their way through the track. ‘Plastic Heart’ is a big highlight on the album, a grungy number during the intro and the verses with another huge anthemic chorus, again Keiran’s vocals on this are incredible, particularly through the verses using a faster pace which really suits him and the style. Moshpits-a-plenty during this one.

The album finishes off in incredible form with ‘Slip Road’, the only track to hit the 4-minute mark too. A good mix of dreamy sounds, punchy drums, dancey chorus and even a solo not too far from The Strokes… What’s not to love with that combination?

Releasing an album early in the year shows your intentions, new year, new me kind of thing I guess. The Sherlocks have thrown their hats in the ring with this one, ready for a big year on even bigger stages. ‘World I Understand is full of anthems ready to get the fields bouncing, singing, moshing and dancing.

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