Johnny Marr shares blistering single ‘Night and Day’


Fever Dreams

Johnny Marr has shared his blistering new single ‘Night and Day’ taken from ‘Fever Deams Pt 3’ EP.

The track will also feature on the full collection album ‘Fever Deams Pt 1 – 4’ which will be released 25 February, Pre-Order here:

Marr had the following to say,

I need songs after all the news, news, news. It gets too real in the hotspots,

I’m trying to be positive, for me and my audience, really. My personality is such that it occurs to me to think that way. I’m not just writing with positivity for the sake of a song. It’s real, and it’s also very necessary.

‘Night and Day’ features Primal Scream bassist Simone Marie on bass and backing vocals.

Talking about the full album, Marr said,

It felt like a big undertaking, and I think it sounds like a big undertaking.

For me, the album and the whole experience has been expansive, ironically – at a time that’s been so much about seclusion. The ideas and the sound reflect that.

I wanted to come back from the last album with something extremely up-tempo and energetic. A little bit of me thinks that my peers and I are almost expected to coast along with mid-tempo, earnest rock music. I wasn’t at all feeling like putting my feet up and getting some slippers. That never occurred to me.

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