Jamie Webster returns electro on new single ‘Days Unknown’


Days Unknown

Returning after his success of a top ten debut album, Straight talking liverpudlian Jamie Webster is back with new single ‘Days Unknown’ released though Modern Sky Records.

Recorded in the Legendry Rockfield Studios (Queen, Oasis, David Bowie..) and having Manic Street Preachers‘ producer Dave Eringa on board this gives this single a more electric feel to the usual folk singer Webster.

The upcoming single speaks of coming through hard times and out the other end of this pandemic, Jamie makes no qualms of how happy he is to be out of it and life returning to some kind of normal but not ever returning to what we are used to, the single gives a louder shout to real and long lasting change, and how people in power have the chance to obscure the truth and continue to do so.

The single has that magic that Webster is able to do so well in gathering the crowd singing along with a “La La La” movement which is a festival friendly staple. This gives a friendly approach to a single that holds a lot of meaningful statements. Binded together with a powerful melody and stronger sounds than I’ve heard before from Webster, this single is a magnified version of what we’ve heard in previously. With lyrics such as “No more time spending rent to days Unknown” is sang loud with pure passion, with the backing band taking the track to a bigger level.

Jamie himself says of the single:

Once the nightmare is behind us it’ll be a case of pure relief and euphoria, but perhaps we shouldn’t completely let the idea of freedom overshadow the things that needed to change before this all hit. ‘Days Unknown’ is about that desperation to have your life back, but also how poorly the powers that be have handled this situation and that they will likely remain in charge once it’s done. Everything has changed, but in some respects, nothing has changed and it’s still time for more than just a change of lifestyle. It’s time for a change of life.

Hearing Webster in a more electric polished way shows how much growth and potential Webster has, joined on stage and in studios Webster surrounds himself with talent such as Lightning Seeds member Jim Sharrock (drums) Tim Cunnigham (bass) Danny Murphy (guitars) plus Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band only helps to project how much of a gifted performer Webster is. Those musicians will also join him live on stage for a long-awaited return to touring.

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