On This Day: In 2008, The Courteeners released ‘St Jude’

12 Years Ago

On the 7th April 2008, The Courteeners released their debut album ‘St Jude’.

12 years later, the album itself is a staple in every indie kid’s record collection. With a tracklist which includes the big hitters ‘What Took You So Long’, ‘Cavorting’ and ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ it’s a real coming of age album that as aged really well and still relevent to new and old listeners when spinning the record.

‘St Jude’ peaked at #4 in the UK Album Charts. The album now has over 200,000 copies sold in the UK.

The Courteeners, now known as just Courteeners released a special version of ‘St Jude’ to mark the 10th anniversary in 2018. The newly recorded and unplugged version of the seminal record title ‘St. Jude Re: Wired’ was produced by frontman Liam Fray and Joe Cross.

We were looking for a way to mark the 10 year anniversary of the release of St. Jude… We thought it might be worth at least raising a little glass to celebrate the fact that we’re still here. I’d been out on an acoustic tour this autumn, re-working and revisiting tunes from the back catalogue, stripping them back, bigging them up and experimenting with some different interpretations. The string section were incredible and unknowingly nudged me into unlocking something special. I loved revisiting all the old songs and putting a new twist on them. So, the day after the final date of my solo tour, I gingerly prized myself out of bed, booked a studio, rang the band, brought in some string-players and we re-did ‘St. Jude’ in a few days. And it sounds fucking brilliant!

Courteeners released their latest album ‘More.Again.Forever’ earlier this year on 17th January, the album hit the UK Album Charts at #2! Giving Courteeners their highest-scoring album to date. The album was pipped to the top spot by Global megastar Eminem and his latest offering ‘Music to Be Murdered By’.

Read our review of ‘More.Again.Forever.’ here.

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