Razorlight return with previously unheard track ‘Burn Camden Burn’

Burn Camden Burn

Razorlight have released a previously unheard track titled ‘Burn Camden Burn’.

Although the track was recorded in 2009 it has only just been released due to it being in tbe soundtrack to Apple TV’s show Trying.

‘Burn Camden Burn’ was produced by one of Johnny Borrell’s hereos, Orange Juice‘s Edwyn Collins.

Talking about Edwyn, Johnny said the following to NME,

I loved working with Edwyn, he’s a hero to me and I remember meeting him for the first time when I was nineteen, maybe 20.

I went into a pub and it was his birthday and he was having a party. I was this kid with £2.50 to get a pint and I got talking to him and he invited me to hang out with them. I had a great night and remember thinking what a lovely bloke he was, and how grateful he didn’t throw me out of the pub.

I’m really pleased that the track is finally coming out. It was an interesting period.

For the lyrics, I was trying to write a history of my life through three verses, something like the view from the Dublin Castle. 19, 29 years old thinking about what had changed.

It just so happens that the Camden music venue The Dublin Castle is one of the locations for the second episode of ‘Trying’.

On his memories of playing there, he added:

I learnt everything I know in the toilets of the Dublin Castle.

Back then, if a stylist came up to you and told you that they liked your look, you told them to f**k off.

Your image was yours. Nobody could even take a photo of it.

Contrast with today’s culture of sharing pictures of oneself, quite a change.

Razorlight now have original guitarist Bjorn Agren back in the line up for the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Olympus Sleeping’. The return seems to be a move that Borrell is very excited with,

It’s brilliant. I just phoned him up when I was writing new material and we needed a good guitar line on this one song, so I rang him up and said I don’t want to bullshit you, but I’ve got a new song I need a guitar line for.

Bjorn is Mr Music, he’s just in his apartment sleeping under his mixing desk, and he said to me ‘Johnny, I like you and I like most of your songs, so why don’t you send it to me and I’ll tell you if I like it or not.’ I thought that was a brilliant answer. I sent him the song and two weeks went by, and he sent it back with these killer hooks.

I sent him this very Spinal Tap text saying ‘uh, do you wanna come back on the road.’ He came into rehearsals and it was better than it was ever.

Musically, our connection was immediately there and it’s been the best thing to happen to me in the last year.

‘Trying’ is available to stream now on Apple TV, ‘Burn Camden Burn’ is also available now.

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