Shambolics share new single ‘Attention’ featuring The View’s Kyle Falconer


Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams

Scotland’s next wave indie-rock stars Shambolics have just released new tune ‘Attention’ which features one of their idols Kyle Falconer from The View.  It’s a song which unites two of the band’s most striking strengths to dazzling effect: sizzling, soaring hooks delivered with their rambunctious live energy, but given a sleek synth-pop edge courtesy of keyboardist Scott ‘Paws’ Williamson. As with the rest of the upcoming album.

Vocalist/guitarist Darren Forbes says,

Kyle was of course huge in Scotland when we were growing up – we used to idolise him, so working with him was a dream come true. He has such a great head for melody, and we learned a lot about that from him. The reason he’s so good is that he’s constantly playing, constantly singing, constantly writing songs and that was a lesson for us. Instead of writing in between live gigs, we know we need to be writing all the time when we can to become that good.

Kyle Falconer adds,

We wrote this in Spain and it was a very natural flow. It reminded me of how the early View songs used to happen… just beers and smiles.

Shambolics have picked up a delicated fanbase already and currently being on tour Little Man Tate, this fanbase is growing rapidly. This is a great time for Shambolics to announce their debut album, ‘Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams’ is scheduled to be released 16th February. It’s lead single ‘Never Be Mine’ became an instant streaming hit with adds to Apple Music’s New In Rock and New in Alternative in the UK playlists, as well as Deezer’s Rock Britannia.

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