The Prodigy to finish new album in honour of Keith Flint


The Prodigy have vowed to finish their new album in honour of their former frontman Keith Flint.

Former member Leeroy Thornhill was a guest on Paul Danan’s ‘The Morning After‘ Podcast where he revealed the news.

Thornhill said:

I’m in contact with the guys all the time.

We got together on the anniversary of Keith’s death and went out to celebrate his life. It was all good.

I know Liam wants to finish The Prodigy album he was doing, I don’t know how far along he is.

Talking about Keith Flint:

It’s devastating, there’s not a day that goes past where I don’t think about him, and it generally comes with a smile.

All that guy did was bring joy to millions and millions of people.

He made his choice to do what he did and it doesn’t matter how much it hurts and how much we regret it.

The new album will be the first since ‘No Tourists’ was released in 2018.

Keith Flint sadly took his own life back in 2019. This is still a shock and leaves a massive void in the music industry. During his funeral fans lined the streets of Essex and raved to celebrate the life of the one of a kind frontman. (See video at the top)

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