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C’mon You Know

R’kid Liam Gallagher releases his most interesting album so far with ‘C’mon You Know’. The album pulls inspiration from some very unlikely places too.

It’s easy to peg Liam into the Oasis pigeon hole and that’s something that he doesn’t mind either, keeping the Oasis flame burning is something that Liam is very proud of but on his third album, he has pulled an eccelectic mix of tunes which sees him push himself with his musical style and also vocally.

The album boots off with ‘More Power’, this tune starts with a child choir singing for just under a minute, on first listen you will feel like you are playing the wrong album but before long Liam’s distinctive vocals come with “People talking like they’re Gods but that’s not the deal.” The track feels like a bit of open letter to his father Tommy and also to his lovely mother Peggy. On the first verse he sings “Father, Father, I can see so many things now that you’re gone, I wish I had more power.” Then in the second he follows it with “Mother, Mother, I’ll admit that I was angry for too long, I wish I had more power.

From the album LG has already released three tracks, these came with the Dave Grohl co-written stomper ‘Everything’s Electric’ which Grohl also provides drums for. The anthemic title track ‘C’mon You Know’, this has some gospel Primal Scream like backing vocals that takes the building tune to outta space levels and with the lyrics “I think it’s coming home again” this will get the track playing during the end of alot of games during the World Cup 2022. ‘Better Days’ was the final single released and this again is a positive anthemic tune, taking a rythem section from The Chemical Brothers, it’s a feel good kaleidoscope that is infectious and will be unbelievable during Liam’s live sets this summer.

About Liam Gallagher pulling inspiration from unusual places, ‘Diamond In The Dark’, has the bass and drum grooves of ‘AM’-era Arctic Monkeys, ‘World’s In Need’ has a Country feel and sounds similar to U2‘s ‘Desire’ in parts, the tune is about escaping the world we currently live in with liam crooning “Oh I need a break where there’s no snowflakes, oh I need sunshine and i’ll be fine.

Most interesting of all on the album though is ‘I’m Free’, believe it or not, this is dub-ska! Kind of  The Specials but sounds more like the 00’s ska revival and most of all sounds like Hard-Fi, that might turn people off reading that, but this is the most banging tune on the LP, the most in your face and the one that’s gonna kick moshpits off something chronic. It instantly makes you puff your chest out and the drums shake your brain. Liam’s most political tune to date too, a big highlight apart from the whole style of the tune is the effects on Liam’s vocals and by the time he speaks “Go back to you prisoners ’cause I’m free-ah.” You just want to start the tune again and again.

No Gallagher or Oasis album would be complete without that huge ballad and on ‘C’mon You Know’, that comes with the piano driven ‘Too Good For Giving Up’. These are the tunes where liam proves his form vocally, the track that hits people the hardest emotionally and ends up as couple’s love, break up and even some people’s wedding song. The track is beautiful and will produce many tears during his live sets. “Look how far you’ve come, stronger than than the damage done, step out of the darkness of the flame, remember you belong here as much as anyone, even when you’re just about to break.” Produces big goosebumps.

The album finishes with a Pink Floyd cosmo like tune ‘Oh Sweet Children’. This has a huge chorus as you can imagine being Floyd like, the only issue with this is that it’s not long enough, with a track like this it has potential to take you on a crazy journey but at only just over three minutes the trip is a good but a short one.

Liam’s third is album is something that will throw people on first listen, it’s not conventionally an album you would expect from him but after a couple of listens it grabs you hard and its hard not to love and respect that Liam has pushed himself with this album and tried things you would  expect. The weird moments that you first hear become the stand out moments when the connection is finally made.

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