Album Review: Skylights – What You Are


What You Are

Skylights release digital single ‘Driving Me Away’ alongside the physical release of their debut album ‘What You Are.’

Track commentary was available whilst reviewing this which enabled me to get a depth to the lyrics and meaning of each track.

The digital single ‘Driving Me Away’ was also released on Friday 6th May, this is a slower outlet which differs from the more in your face ‘Enemies’ which was more of a rock based track. The single features special guest Julia Violinista who compliments lead vocalist Rob Scarisbrick. I found the single really emotional that details a troublesome relationship, rememebering the good times and how words can have the same effect as a physical push.

The album shows the band’s hard work and reflecting on their times of having walked away from the band. Lead guitarist Turnbull Smith speaks of the album with pure pride

We feel immensely proud and lucky to be releasing our debut album now, it’s the culminationof years of work, but for a while we abandoned the band and only reformed by chance. What’s happened since isamazing, such a passionate response from fans, there is a real buzz. The LP is a mix of old and new songs, with everything fine-tuned for the album release, we hope the fans love it, we really could not do this without them, that’s why we titled the album WHAT YOU ARE, it just fitted-we are what the fans are, they give us the platform.

Having a loyal fanbase has spurned this down to earth band on and classed them as ‘the people’s band’ by so many of their fans. I can honestly say having chatted to them previously their ethos stand out as grounded individuals with a huge passion for music.

I’m in no doubt this new album will provide something for everyone. Opening with ‘Outlaw’ provides the indie rock sound Skylights are known for, and the opening of what you are provides a huge nostalgic feeling of that early 90s late 80s feel of guitars.

Fans of The Music will get satisfaction as it has that dancey vibe along with the indie rock that carries it through. ‘Lifeline’ made me want to put my bucket hat on, crack open a cheap cider and reminice of simpler days.

‘YRA’ is a firm favourite amongst their fans and when played live, the tune sets venues on fire, a proper ‘footstomper’ Leeds F.C fans will recognise it from many of its plays at the stadium along with my favourite ‘Enemies’.

‘Darkness Falls’ is taken from an older song of the band that is a huge hit with the fans, it means a lot to the band which is about feelings of regret which holds a special memory of when it was played live after two years off. The acoustic version provides a deep connection with the audience and the violins add an extra bit of magic to a truly wholesome track.

‘What You Are’ was made when the band returned to performing. In the commentary accompying the album the riff and how it was meant to be a slower track, but the upbeat feelgood pace is a summer reminder. Turnbull Smith chatting to bassist Johnny Scarisbrick says of the title track “
‘What You Are’ when you listen to an album it’s not about the artist but what you take from it how you view it. Also the memory that is sown, so everytime you hear that song or album it transports you straight back.
Which is what music is all about.

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