Live Review: The Lathums live at Blackpool Tower


In a crazy time when gigs are getting cancelled even into next year, live streams have become the norm but rather than streaming acoustic from a bedroom, indie’s newest sweathearts The Lathums gave us an amazing live stream from the iconic Blackpool Tower.

Introduced on to the stage by a ringmaster, the lads certainly looked right at home on the famous circle stage at the Tower, no doubt this is the type of venue that the band will be performing in when live music fully returns. However there was one major thing missing……The fans!

The Wigan band explained in the intro to the live stream that Blackpool was a brilliant choice to perform as they all held so many childhood memories from the seaside resort. Lucky for everyone in these difficult times, we live in a day of live streaming which ensures we still get to
see these live performances.

Opening with the classic ‘Villinous Victorian’ lead singer Alex Moore seemed so calm slipping from the almost theatrical ‘Villinous Victorian’ to the fast pace tounge twisting ‘Fight On’.. It was very surreal though watching the lads sing to an empty venue though and I was anticipating a cheer at the end of each tune!

‘Crying Out’ is definitely a personal favourite and I was able to catch every lyric pitch perfect and I was able to catch sounds that in the atmosphere of a loud buzzing gig, you can sometimes miss.

A bittersweet feeling hearing him sing “I don’t need anything..” in the song ‘This Place’. ‘I See Your ghost’ is the latest tune released by The Lathums and this has a sound of The Specials and we once again hear that unique clever tongue twisting smoothness in the lyrics from Moore.

Not for the last time in this live stream the guitar gets the chance to shine in ‘It Won’t Take Long’. Singing “You can have me anyway, let the music fill your soul” was done with ease and passion even without the added support from an audience..

A pause in the set showed the lads clowning around in the dressing rooms of the Tower beforehand, ‘I know That Much’ was a highlight in the set that saw an amazing solo perfomance from Scott Conception which can only be explained by watching it yourself.

Well done to The Lathums for providing some much needed mid-week entertainment in a time many of us are craving and missing live music.

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