Live Review: FEET – Camden Assembly, London

~ 22/10/2019 ~

In support of their oddly-titled debut album ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’, FEET are in the middle of a UK-wide tour.

Stopping off at a sold out gig at the famous Camden Assembly, FEET prove their worth as a band at the forefront of the new music scene.

From the very first song, with his inimitable headphone-shaped moustache, the unique frontman danced around the stage like he’d been having lessons from the Joker. Don’t let that put you off though – his animated shaking of the tambourine made it somewhat less sinister. And with his band behind following suit, there were limbs being thrown everywhere. Reciprocating the band’s energy throughout were the crowd, bouncing at every opportunity – which is seemingly quite frequent at a FEET gig.

But FEET aren’t just another band pigeonholed by their energetic live shows. In fact, they have the songs to match. Set opener ‘English Weather’ ignites an amusingly catchy chorus, wryly bemoaning this rainy country that we’ve all come to love. Perhaps the fan favourite, ‘Ad Blue’, with its grooving bassline and infectious hook, wouldn’t sound out of place on a Black Grape album, something few bands can master. With the calibre of these tunes, it’s clear why The Maccabees’ Felix White was so keen to sign FEET to his Yala Records.

And it is the quality of these songs, mixed with such a frenetic live performance, that marks FEET out from pretty much every other band right now.

(Review byJordan Rodwell)

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